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{"id":56319,"code":"6rX7EfzAuDNV","filename":"polaris-00079-Summer of Arcade LIVE __ Flash-A-m9CBqJNDo.mp4","title":"Summer of Arcade LIVE -- Flashback","description":"Watch JesseCox, GameGrumps, & RaychulMoore play Flashback! Hosted by Lisa Foiles! Check out Summer of Arcade:\n\nSUMMER OF ARCADE LIVE SHOW DATES (3pm PST):\nBrothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Aug. 7\nCharlie Murder - Aug. 14\nFlashback - Aug. 21\nTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - Aug. 28\n\nJesseCox -\nGameGrumps -\nRaychulMoore -\n\nThis video is part of Microsoft Studios Summer of Arcade promotional campaign. Some of the content contained in this video and/or compensation for participation has been provided by Xbox and Microsoft Studios","category":"Games","duration":5110,"show_name":"polaris","show_name_internal":"polaris","episode":79,"library_id":1080,"library_name":"polaris","view_count":370,"original_published_at":1377043200000,"uploaded_at":null,"created_at":1377192432000,"youtube_id":"A-m9CBqJNDo","blip_id":"AYOW0z4C","blip_episode_id":"6662490","code_first_episode":"nxOto4QriM9G","code_next_episode":"p5vGxV446TfF","tags":["Dodger","Egoraptor","Game","GameGrumps","gameplay","games","grumps","Jesse Cox","Lisa Foiles","Live","microsoft","OMFGCATA","playthrough","polaris","presshearttocontinue","raychul","raychulmoore","show","summer of arcade","tgs","the game station","thegamestation","Video Game","video games","walkthrough"],"exclusive":0,"collection_slug":"polaris","survey_id":null,"survey_details":null,"collection_details":null,"time":"01:25:10","thumbnail":"","user_logged_in":false}

Summer of Arcade LIVE -- Flashback

Published: Aug 21, 2013

Watch JesseCox, GameGrumps, & RaychulMoore play Flashback! Hosted by Lisa Foiles! Check out Summer of Arcade:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons - Aug. 7
Charlie Murder - Aug. 14
Flashback - Aug. 21
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - Aug. 28

JesseCox -
GameGrumps -
RaychulMoore -

This video is part of Microsoft Studios Summer of Arcade promotional campaign. Some of the content contained in this video and/or compensation for participation has been provided by Xbox and Microsoft Studios

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