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{"id":2157792,"code":"SNY61Ybe2VXC","filename":"video1.mp4","title":"Is Metal Gear Solid V Game Of The Year?","description":"JD Witherspoon -\nEthos -\nJG -\nMoshi -\n\nOpen With \nMad Max Discussion\nMetal Gear Discussion\n\nXbox One\nSeptember Free Games - \nHalo 5 Opening Cinematic -\n\nPlaystation\nSeptember PSN Free Games -\nYoutube Gaming Coming To PS4 -\nUncharted 4 Release Date -\nSoul Calibur: Lost Swords shutting down Nov.30th -\n\n\nPC \nNvidia Share Play -\nArkham Knight finally patched -\nThe Chiraq Simulator -\nStar Citizen Social Module Dropped -\nWildstar & Guild wars 2 go F2P -\nLawbreakers Revealed - \nTom Clancy Humble Bundle -\nOculus Rift sex game -\nXcom 2 Delayed -\nAC Syndicate Delayed A Month -\n\nNintendo\nPokken official coming to Wii U -\nFreedom Planet Delayed -\n\nMulti-Platform news\nBlack Ops III Beta Discussion -\nNew Mass Effect Details -\nBattlefront Beta This October -\nNew Live 16 details -\nNew 2K Winning & Tatts trailer -\nDeus Ex: Mankind Divided Shitty Preorders -\nDeadpool Remaster -\nRainbow Delayed Until December -\nJimmy Kimmel Clowns Youtube Gaming -\nDestiny’s Taken King DLC from 9/8/2015 to 9/14/2015 -\n\nClosing conversation \nDoes graphics matter? Photo realism? Frauds love to pretend like graphics didn’t matter back in the day.\n\nMy Site -\nLive Streams -\nPersonal Twitter -\nFacebook -\nWebsite's Twitter\nMy Vine -\n\nGaming Illuminaughty Podcast\niTunes -\nSoundcloud -\nStitcher Radio -\n\nGet Your Channel Partnered\nIntro Designed By - @Mav_Attack & @Astro_Ac3 \nOutro Music -\n\nSend all business inquiries to\","category":null,"duration":8331,"show_name":"Gaming illumiNaughty Podcast","show_name_internal":"gaming-illuminaughty-podcast","episode":1,"library_id":1339,"library_name":"ModernWarNegro-yt","view_count":7803,"original_published_at":1441677308000,"publish_platform":"ALL","thumbnail_s3_key":"Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_144x81.jpg","uploaded_at":null,"created_at":1441684556000,"youtube_id":"cUAbojGMRuc","blip_id":null,"blip_episode_id":null,"jw_id":"zW9i9Z32","show_facebook_comments":1,"embed_id":null,"embed_code":null,"embed_heading":null,"embed_link":null,"library_name_override":"ModernWarNegro","code_first_episode":"Lh2o5tojAgBt","code_next_episode":"QjKHklJOm4Sh","thumbnails":["Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_1280x720.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_853x480.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_640x360.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_320x180.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_256x144.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_240x135.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_224x126.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_208x117.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_192x108.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_144x81.jpg","Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_96x54.jpg"],"tags":[],"exclusive":0,"collection_slug":null,"image_bucket_path":"maker-prodthumbnails/Library-1339/SNY61Ybe2VXC_1280x720.jpg","survey_id":null,"library_code":"cvGo1YA1gx4r","thumbnail_url":"","survey_details":null,"collection_details":null,"rating_details":null,"endpoint_status":[{"endpoint_name":"polaris","access_url":"","publish_requests":[{"platform":"ALL","requested":1441684558041,"published":1441686209036,"error_code":null,"error_message":null}],"current_properties":{}}],"time":"02:18:51","thumbnail":"","user_logged_in":false,"user_survey":null}

Is Metal Gear Solid V Game Of The Year?

Published: Sep 8, 2015

JD Witherspoon -
Ethos -
JG -
Moshi -

Open With
Mad Max Discussion
Metal Gear Discussion

Xbox One
September Free Games -
Halo 5 Opening Cinematic -

September PSN Free Games -
Youtube Gaming Coming To PS4 -
Uncharted 4 Release Date -
Soul Calibur: Lost Swords shutting down Nov.30th -

Nvidia Share Play -
Arkham Knight finally patched -
The Chiraq Simulator -
Star Citizen Social Module Dropped -
Wildstar & Guild wars 2 go F2P -
Lawbreakers Revealed -
Tom Clancy Humble Bundle -
Oculus Rift sex game -
Xcom 2 Delayed -
AC Syndicate Delayed A Month -

Pokken official coming to Wii U -
Freedom Planet Delayed -

Multi-Platform news
Black Ops III Beta Discussion -
New Mass Effect Details -
Battlefront Beta This October -
New Live 16 details -
New 2K Winning & Tatts trailer -
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Shitty Preorders -
Deadpool Remaster -
Rainbow Delayed Until December -
Jimmy Kimmel Clowns Youtube Gaming -
Destiny’s Taken King DLC from 9/8/2015 to 9/14/2015 -

Closing conversation
Does graphics matter? Photo realism? Frauds love to pretend like graphics didn’t matter back in the day.

My Site -
Live Streams -
Personal Twitter -
Facebook -
Website's Twitter
My Vine -

Gaming Illuminaughty Podcast
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Get Your Channel Partnered
Intro Designed By - @Mav_Attack & @Astro_Ac3
Outro Music -

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